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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It made me happy in April

Hello sweet ladies. Are you enjoying your week?
Now that the month is over, I've decided to make a post about five things that made me happy instead of one about my fave products... Tell me if you like this post or if you'd rather like to see my faves next month.

In random order, here are the five things that made me happy in April.

Burning one of my fave candles after spring cleaning. 

Watching my daughter grabbing objects (including my hand) for the first time

Being back to blogging :)

Add a happy, romantic touch to the house with a bunch of white roses 

Stop  reading books dedicated to babies only and rediscover how  much I love novels and fashion magazines

What about you ladies? What made you happy this month?


  1. Cette yankee candle doit être un pur bonheur ! Je ne l'ai jamais sentie :)

    1. Coucou Linoa! Elle sent très bon en effet, c'est une de mes préférées depuis longtemps. Une odeur de linge propre et chaud juste sorti du séchoir avec une note subtile de fleur blanche.


  2. Coucou,

    Oh, sa donne envie d'en acheter une, hihi ! :D



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