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Friday, April 6, 2012

Review: The Brush Guard's Cleaning Kit

Hello sweet ladies! Hope you're doing fine before the forthcoming Easter weekend.
I recently bought and tested the Brush Guard's Cleaning Kit for makeup brushes and wanted to share my opinion about it.
What is it?
They introduce it as " the world's first complete care for your brushes. Get the ickies out! Out of your brush and away from your face."
Here are the "ickies":

I really love this idea of making little monsters to show you how dirty brushes can ruin both your skin and makeup...

This kit comes with a brush shampoo, a washing cup, a blotting cloth, a drying vase and a brush guard variety package.There are also some instructions for use.

How much for this?
It's $19.95 + shipping -cost will vary according to your location, they ship worldwide- on the Brush Guard website. I think the price is ok fot what you get. You can buy the brush shampoo alone for $8 and the variety pack is $5.50.

How does it work?
 You squeeze a few (little) drops of shampoo into the washing cup, then you  you gently rub your wet brush in the bottom of the cup. This washing cup has a sudsing textured bottom that allows you to deep clean your brushes and remove all the dirt. I think is also helps the shampoo lathering.

When you're done, you rinse thoroughly and blot with the blotting cloth. Then you can put the brush guard to shape the bristles and dry your brush in the drying vase, bristles down.
What do I think about it?
- It's affordable and you get a good kit for a good price
- I do like the washing cup which is pretty effective for cleaning the brushes and remove all the old makeup. I clean my brushes faster now.
- The shampoo has a good cleaning power and you don't need to use tons of product for it to be effective. It's got a neutral, barely noticeable scent.
- The blotting cloth is not different from an average towel so it's not essential.
- I honestly don't see the point in the drying vase. My brushes don't get dry faster than when I put them on a clean cloth on a flat surface.

To put it in a nutshell:
Good kit with a very useful washing cup. The shampoo works great to clean the brushes but the blotting cloth and the drying vase are not that essential.


  1. This is a really good idea! I neglect my brushes so much...I wash them with hand soap occasionally and that's it. x

  2. I wash mine once a week. Every other week, I use MAC cleanser to kill germs.
    Before the cleaning kit, I used to use a baby shampoo;the brush guard shampoo is more effective than baby shampoo.

  3. I need a brush guard!

    Cute Follower

    xoxo Janelle


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