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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How do you feel without makeup ???

Hello sweet ladies! I hope you're doing good.

Today I'd like to give your feeling/ opinion about how you feel when you don't have any makeup on.

This picture is the perfect illustration of how I feel.
Honestly, I feel like the worst sh... ever with my naked face. I started to wear makeup because I felt so insecure. I just can't stand my face and my body and makeup is a way for me to feel a bit better. Plus I've got my geek glasses that I wear all the time (I'm short-sighted and I have astigmatism as well) and behind which I can hide; all this helps me feel better.

What about you, ladies? Are you comfortable without makeup? Why? Why not?


  1. I love myself with makeup and with out it. I am comfortable enough to never wear it but if I want to have fun then I play around with colors. Never a self confidence issue. But it is sad because girls think they look bad without and truth is most look worse with it.

    1. Thank you for your opinion, Harlem Green! I often go out without makeup but I'm not comfortable at all.
      And, you're tight 90% girls look better without makeup!! They look fresher and younger.

  2. Girl, you gotta love your bare face. I would have to say, i love my naked face, and half the times, i wear no makeup but concealer. I hate my dark circles and puffy under eyes, that's why all i really need is a concealer.
    I think its important to take care of your face beneath all the makeup, so we're not so self conscious when bare face.

    1. Thanks for your answer, Sandra!
      I always wear makeup when going to wirk, on vacation or when I go shopping, I won't wear any if I don't feel like doing it. But I actually feel bad.
      I hope that your bf is doing better.

  3. without makeup, i feel nude bouhhh

    1. Thanks Glumy Girl for your answer!!!
      Je comprends ce que tu dis quand tu dis que tu te sens nue.

  4. If my skin looks really red and I'm going through a break out, then I definitely feel more miserable/unhappy about my appearance. I feel insecure during these times!
    Generally though I wear glasses a lot ( I have an astigmatism too btw lol) so I feel that people can't see my dark circles as much..Which is a good thing of course! :D

  5. wer did you get the glasses? love em :D


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