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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Urban Decay's Build Your Own Palette

I'm a real UD junkie!!! I fell in love with this brand 6 years ago and I've never stopped loving their products.

Urban Decay has just launched a palette you can make on your own - just like MAC or MUFE.
This palette can fit 6 Urban Decay eyeshadows and you've got an exclusive new shade inside : Walk of Shame -described as a matte soft pinky peach-  + a travel-sized Good Karma Brush and a mirror.

The price is $18 which I think is a good deal considering the fact you've got one eyeshadow and one brush inside.

I really like the design of this palette (as always with UD) , maybe I'll be tempted to buy one.

You can fill this palette with the new 68 UD eyeshadows. They indeed decided to change the packaging and the formula of their eyeshadows. Here is how they describe the new eyeshadows:

Even softer, amazingly velvety texture
Richer, more dense and decadent color
Smoother, more uniform pigment distribution and blendability
Longer-lasting, more crease-free wear

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    Little Paris haul

    Hello girls! I'm back from Paris with my haul. I didn't buy tons of stuff as I usually do, but I really enjoy each item I bought.

    MAC haul:

    - lipstick viva glam Nicky Minaj
    - lipstick Prolong wear Prolong
    - Eyeshadow Sumptuous Olive
    - Prep+ prime lip




    The Body Shop haul:

    - Mango body srub (just love how it smells!)
    - Mango lip butter
    - Hemp foot protector
    - Almond hand & nail cream.
    plus I was gifted a lipgloss

    I also bought a back up for my UD 24/7 in perversion.

    Monday, March 19, 2012

    How to take care of your breast...

    ...without breaking your wallet! Lots of brands have (very expensive) creams to take care of our breast I'm thinking about Clarins's bust beauty firming lotion and extra-lift gel.
    Most of the time, they are full of chemical stuff and parabens... (I love Clarins, don't misunderstand me, but not for my breast) I think that because creams and oils can penetrate the body throuth the nipple, this should be an area where we don't use parabens at all.
    Before scrubing, I clean my breast everyday with a 100% natural donkey-milk soap: it is super soft, and helps keeping a firm skin.
     I use a gentle body scrub. My favorite ones are Nuxe's Gentle Aromatic Exfoliant with 3 roses, Bourjois's Exfoliating and Nourishing shower gel and Moroccan black soap.
    The most natural one is the black soap, look for one which is organic, it will be 100% natural.Most of the time, it has a eucalyptus scent. You can use it with a Kesa glove if you want a deeper scrubing.
    Bourjois's shower gel is my all time favorite. I love its oriental scent and it is super soft on the skin, plus it's the cheapest one that I have, I buy it in drugstores for 3.30 euros. 

    My choice if for paraben free creams such like The Body Shop's body butters, I also have an edelweiss cream that I love, but don't use often because it was a bit pricy (25 euros).
    You can also choose shea butter with specific essential oils that will help your skin staying moisturized and firm.
    Finally, there's my best ally to nourish my breast skin and keep it firm: daisy oil, I pay a ridiculous price (10 euros) for it when I make a comparison with Clarins's gels and serums (45- 50 euros). It is 100% natural, it smells good and it is more efficient than any chemical cream you'll find in beauty stores.


    If you want to have a beautiful shimmery décolleté for one night, you can use Nuxe's Multi-Usage dry oil golden shimmer. It is really pretty and gives a nice glow, but I just don't like how it smells.
    There's also the Hei Poa's monoï oil Golden Mother of Pearl. It scent reminds me of summer time and vacations next to the beach. It is far less expensive than Nuxe and it gives a really pretty glow as well.
    Last but not least, I like using Scott Barnes's Body Bling. It is more subtle than Hei Poa or Nuxe, but it gives a nice tan thaT I really love!!! But be careful: this one does contain parabens!

    - Nuxes's products: feel unique
    - Hei Poa : The Beauty Booth
    - Donkey milk soap: Amazon
    - Scott Barnes (for $13) : All Cosmetics Wholesale

    - savon au lait d’ânesse & elixir de soin à la fleur d'edelweiss : L'Asinerie des Alpes
    -savon au lait d'anesse, savon noir & baume au karité: Aroma Zone

    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    I am a Gothic Lolita

    I'm not there... But I planned this post with a polish that I wore on Wednesday this week: Gothic Lolita by China Glaze. I really love this color, it is a cream dark purple , very easy to apply. There are two coats here.

    Saturday, March 17, 2012

    Off to Paris! What's on my wishlist?

    Today I'm leaving to Paris for a week. I'm gonna see my mother (haven't seen her for 6 years now) and take care of her cuz she needs it.
    But as a makeup junkie, I've got some stuff that I'd like to pick if still available:


     MAC pro longwear lipstick - Prolong

    MAC Viva Glam - Nicky Minaj

    MAC Shop MAC: Watch me Simmer

    MAC prep+prime: lip base

    URBAN DECAY: Sparking Lickable Body Powder.

    This is not a huge wishlist, but I've got other stuff that has nothing to do with makeup and that I really want to purchase, so I can't allow myself to splurge that much on makeup this time

    Friday, March 16, 2012

    Papaya Cupcake

    Today I wanted a bright, colorful makeup. So I reached for my Sleek Good Girl palette. I used it once only since I've bought it, I wanted to give it another try.
    I love testing eyeshadows on Thursdays because these are kind of endless days for me. I finish applying makeup at 6.30 a.m. I 've got a looong day at work, and I end up the day with 2 hours intense dancing, I'm back home it's 8.40 p.m.
    These sleek eyeshadows were as bright as when applied them in the morning when I came back home tonight.
    I'm in love with the cupcake shade: it's a bright pink. 
    Unfortunately, my camera washed out the coral corlor in the inner corner.

    What did I use for this look?

    - UD de-slick in a tube
    - Palladio herbal concealer: green
    - Eve pearl salmon concealer: deep
    - MAC pro longwear concealer: NW 40
    - MAC pro longwear foundation: NC 45
    - MAC BLOT powder : medium dark
    - NARS blush: Taj Mahal
    - MAC mineralize skinfinish: gold deposit


    - UDPP
    - Pure luxe loose eyeshadow: Ouch! (used as a base in the middle of the lid)
    - Sleek Good Girl palette: cupcake , papaya, peach melba, morello
    - Urban decay eyeshadow: zero
    - MAC: fap ricepaper
    - MAC : fluidline: blacktrack
    - mascara: Gemey faux cils black drama
    - UD 24/7 glide-on pencil: perversion

    - MAC lipstick: toxic tale
    - MAC lipglass: strange potion

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    China Glaze's new collections

    I'm a big China Glaze fan. I love the pigmentation, the huge variety of colors and the fact thhat their products are cheap (won't deny it ;) )
    There are currently three collections that are driving me mad:

    The Hunger Games collection which I have been waiting for for a while now, I'm gonna order soon. I'm maaaaaaaaaad at their Moon Harvest shade!!!!

    The Prismatic collection with its glittery duo-chrome polishes. I'm back to glitter as far as my nails are concerned, so I want them all!!!

    The On Safari collection with very neutral colors (very light ones) and dark colors.There are two glittery polishes in this collection but I think they are not that special. However, I like the Exotic Encounter, the Purr-fect Plum, the Manhunt and the Jungle Queen shades. They are all cream polishes.

    Adventure Red-y

    Call Of the Wild

    Desert Sun

    Elephant Walk

    Exotic Encounter

    I Herd That

    I 'm not Lion

    Jungle Queen

    Kalahari Kiss


    Prey Tell

    Purr-fect Plum

    What about you, girls? Do you like China Glaze? Are there any shades that you'd purchase in these collections?

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    I love my Boy Toy!

    Here's my first makeup for my blog. Unfortunately, the colors are not as gorgeous as in real. Please don't pay attention to my yellowish skin in the pictures, I don't know what happened with my camera... It's kinda weird.

    What did I use for this look?

    - UD de-slick in a tube
    - Palladio herbal concealer: green
    - Eve pearl salmon concealer: deep
    - MAC pro longwear concealer: NW 40
    - MAC pro longwear foundation: NC 45
    - MAC BLOT powder : medium dark
    - MAC mineralize blush: gleegul
    - MAC mineralize skinfinish: blonde

    - UDPP
    - NYX: pearl mania: turquoise
    - Pure luxe loose eyeshadow: boy toy
    - Sugarpill loose eyeshadow: magpie
    - MAC:  ricepaper eyeshadow
    - MAC : fluidline: blacktrack
    - Gemey/Maybelline: the falsies black drama
    - UD 24/7 glide-on pencil: covet

    - CHANEL : rouge coco lipstick, gardénia
    - NYX megashine lipgloss: candy shop

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    I'm Crazy About...

    Guerlain's ad for its new fragrance: La Petite Robe Noire. It's sooooo cute, mischievous and girly: everything I love, plus the bottle is very pretty. I really love it.
     But !!!! That's all about this fragrance: pretty bottle and ad. Otherwise, it smells like some drugstore fragrance and doesn't stay on the skin more than an hour. I had a sample and I wore it during 1 week: I was so disappointed that such a pretty bottle contains such a mediocre fragrance.

    Anyway, here is the ad:

    I also want to use this post to remind you or inform you -in case you didn't know- that Jean-Paul Guerlain has (once more!) expressed racist sentiments and that the victims are going to lodge a complaint against him.

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