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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April's favorites.

Hello sweet ladies! I hope you're doing good.
Today is a day off here in France. So I spent my day surfing the web and working a little bit.
I decided to make a post about my favorite products this month. Here they are:
- MAC Prep+Prime face protect. I've been using this for several months now and I really like it. It's soft on the skin and doesn't make it feel greasy. It's a good, non-heavy, non-sticky, sunscreen.

- MAC lipstick in Modesty.I didn't wear much makeup this month cuz I didn't feel like it. This Modesty is perfect for my nude lips. It's super creamy and glides easily on the lips.

- China Glaze's Material Girl. I love its sweet pink color and it perfectly fitted my glitter obsession this month. You can see a swatch here.

- MAC blush in Bi-tone. A love this one because it's shimmery (I looooove shimmer on my cheeks) and thus I don't have to apply a highlighter after. It's a nice pink/plum color with gold shimmer.

- Nuxe Contour des yeux prodigieux. It's an eye cream. I've been using it since Januaty and I love it. The first effective eye cream that I purchased. I'm gonna make a full review on this.

- The Personal Mircoderm. I made a review on it a month ago, you find it here.

What about you girls? What are your favorite products for April?


  1. I have MAC Modesty too! :) Your post has inspired me to whip it out, I forgot about it for a while there haha, but it really is a nice browny pink color. And also yes I know the lashes were such a splurge! Dear Lord it's definitely not something I can afford to buy on a regular basis, but I just had to see what they hype was about 0:-) Haha, and nope, don't dye my hair! Actually I'm going to dye it a dark brown color within the next couple weeks :)

  2. je voulais m'acheter la palette la boheme de mufe mais vu que j'ai plus de boulot et bien je suis restreint snifff

    1. Coucou Glumy girl!
      Désolée que tu n'aies pas pu te faire plaisir comme tu voulais. J'espère que tu retrouveras du boulot rapidement.
      Bon courage à toi.

  3. nice favorites x

  4. je viens de mettre mes photos sur mon blog :)

  5. coucou ma belle! milles excuses de venir seulement aujourd'hui sur ton blog pour te remercier de m'avoir "récompensé" depuis qqes temps je viens un peu à l'arrache sur le net mm si je trouve le tps de faire qqes articles.
    Je ferais un post pour cette récompense :)

    j'suis contente de voir que modesty te plaise au point qu'il fasse parti de tes favoris d'avril j'men doutais qu'il allait bien t'aller!


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