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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nail polish haul

Hello sweet ladies! After a whole year on a "no buy" mode, my first haul was for China Glaze, my fave nail polish brand. I missed so much testing new colors and following the new launches. Here is what I picked:

From left to right: Neon & on & on, Pink of Me, Glistening Swow, Glimmer More, and the Neon Sunset Ombre set

From left to right: This One's for you, Petal ot the Metal, I Pink I can, Strike a Rose, the It's All Peachy Ombre set.

I must say, I am very happy and so impatient to try those new ones. Neon & on &on and Petal to the Metal are very similar. I am going to swatch them soon to show you the difference.

What about you ladies? What is your fave nail polish brand?

I wish you a nice day :) .

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