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Monday, March 19, 2012

How to take care of your breast...

...without breaking your wallet! Lots of brands have (very expensive) creams to take care of our breast I'm thinking about Clarins's bust beauty firming lotion and extra-lift gel.
Most of the time, they are full of chemical stuff and parabens... (I love Clarins, don't misunderstand me, but not for my breast) I think that because creams and oils can penetrate the body throuth the nipple, this should be an area where we don't use parabens at all.
Before scrubing, I clean my breast everyday with a 100% natural donkey-milk soap: it is super soft, and helps keeping a firm skin.
 I use a gentle body scrub. My favorite ones are Nuxe's Gentle Aromatic Exfoliant with 3 roses, Bourjois's Exfoliating and Nourishing shower gel and Moroccan black soap.
The most natural one is the black soap, look for one which is organic, it will be 100% natural.Most of the time, it has a eucalyptus scent. You can use it with a Kesa glove if you want a deeper scrubing.
Bourjois's shower gel is my all time favorite. I love its oriental scent and it is super soft on the skin, plus it's the cheapest one that I have, I buy it in drugstores for 3.30 euros. 

My choice if for paraben free creams such like The Body Shop's body butters, I also have an edelweiss cream that I love, but don't use often because it was a bit pricy (25 euros).
You can also choose shea butter with specific essential oils that will help your skin staying moisturized and firm.
Finally, there's my best ally to nourish my breast skin and keep it firm: daisy oil, I pay a ridiculous price (10 euros) for it when I make a comparison with Clarins's gels and serums (45- 50 euros). It is 100% natural, it smells good and it is more efficient than any chemical cream you'll find in beauty stores.


If you want to have a beautiful shimmery décolleté for one night, you can use Nuxe's Multi-Usage dry oil golden shimmer. It is really pretty and gives a nice glow, but I just don't like how it smells.
There's also the Hei Poa's monoï oil Golden Mother of Pearl. It scent reminds me of summer time and vacations next to the beach. It is far less expensive than Nuxe and it gives a really pretty glow as well.
Last but not least, I like using Scott Barnes's Body Bling. It is more subtle than Hei Poa or Nuxe, but it gives a nice tan thaT I really love!!! But be careful: this one does contain parabens!

- Nuxes's products: feel unique
- Hei Poa : The Beauty Booth
- Donkey milk soap: Amazon
- Scott Barnes (for $13) : All Cosmetics Wholesale

- savon au lait d’ânesse & elixir de soin à la fleur d'edelweiss : L'Asinerie des Alpes
-savon au lait d'anesse, savon noir & baume au karité: Aroma Zone


  1. Very interesting tips! Good job...

  2. I did not know about your blog!! wao is really cute! i'm following now :) would u like to follow eachother? ^^

  3. Interesting topic, and you explored it in-depth which is great since you don't see many people writing about this "beauty concern" haha


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