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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My last haul...

Hello sweet ladies, hope you're doing pretty good this weekend. My last haul was actually in May, and, believe it or not, I didn't even unpack my new items... I was definitely not into the mood for focusing on makeup.
I ordered a Sugarpill palette and the Royal Sugar pigment for one of my friends who really liked these colors on me, so I picked two loose eyeshadows for me ... The asylum one: I'm crazy about red eyeshadows and I really wanted this one, and the Lumi shade, a kind of white duochrome color...

I also purchased three Sleek palettes, and I was very lucky and happy to find the limited edition Circus palette!!! It was launched in 2010 and I waited too much to buy it, it was out of stock...
I also chose the limited edition Curaçao palette from last summer, plus the Au Naturel palette.
 Love them all!!!
I think I should swatch all my Sleek palettes for you girls... Tell me if you'd like to see that.


  1. Fun haul! I still need to get my hands on Sleek!!


  2. Thx GlamorousMama. Sleek is really a great brand, affordable and with good quality products, I'm fond of it!


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