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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Yankee Candle haul

Hello sweet ladies! It had been months since I had not treated myself with a candle haul. So I decided to splurge this month. Here is what I came up to buy: three of my favorite scents: 
Fluffy towels, a very soothing and comforting scent, I picked a big jar and four votives. 

Pink Sands, a very feminine fragarance, I can hardly describe it, it's neither floral nor fruity, it just smells like some woman perfume, as I already have a big jar, I picked a box of tealights. 

Wedding Day, a sweet flowery scent, smells like clean laundry from the dryer. I can almost smell honey in it. One of  my all time favorites Unfortunately, there were not big jars left, so I picked a medium one plus a box of tealights. 

I wanted to test new scents as well, so I picked a few tarts in Mango Peach Salsa, Beach Wood and Lake Sunset. 

Finally, I had a crush on the limited editions for spring: Champaca Blossom and Lovely Kiku. 


  1. Pink sands est géniale, je l'ai offerte à ma tante ! sinon j'adore soft blanket, elle est super : une odeur tellement douce et "propre" !

    1. Oui la soft blanket, la fluffy towels et la clean cotton sont des odeurs de propres vraiment douces et agréables, super apaisantes. J'aime les allumer après le ménage :).


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